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Australia's pool of available labour will soon start to shrink. By acting now, employers can manage this decline and avoid being caught in a ‘bidding war’ for employees. Retaining competent, loyal and experienced older workers may well save many businesses in the future. This site has been designed to help employers and training providers operate successfully in this new business environment. 
This website provides tools and information to help business plan for the new employment environment that is 'coming ready or not!'
This website also provides two brochures that you can download, reproduce and circulate through your networks.

Coming ready or not Coming ready or not Strategies for RTO's Strategies for RTO's Opportunity knocks Opportunity knocks

Coming ready or not!

Businesses large and small are going to have to find new ways to cope with the reduction in the numbers of new employees. Mature workers will be more valuable than ever before. Here is the information you’ll need.

Strategies for RTOs

This kit has been designed for VET Practitioners. It provides tools to help RTO businesses plan for the emerging needs of industry, employers and older learners.


Opportunity knocks!

Australian businesses will be looking to the training industry to find new ways to keep their older workforce contributing. RTO professionals who fully understand these changing needs have much to gain.